We All See the Same Moon

We all see the same moon
We all see the same moon

The homeless men I cooked for last night …

The people in Haiti …

A small child full of wonder …

Jesus, Abraham, Mohammad, Buddha …

My dad, suffering from Alzheimer’s …

We all walk the the same earth, breathe the same air,

Drink the same water, feel the same hunger.

When others mourn, we all suffer.

We all see the same moon.

God, give us hearts of compassion. Amen.

Support Haiti

United Methodist Committee on Relief

2 thoughts on “We All See the Same Moon”

  1. Beth,

    Saturday morning my husband, Ted, andI leave for UMCOR Sager Brown for 6 weeks of volunteer work. This will be our 6th trip to Sager Brown.

    I cannot tell you how glad I was to see your note to support UMCOR. Thank you.

  2. My prayers will be with you and with the UMCOR community. I think there are some groups and staff in Haiti at this time.


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