Marty’s African Violet

African VioletsMy mom (Marty) and grandma both raised African Violets. I particularly remember the little plant stand in the east window of Grandma Ida Mae’s house in Ada, Oklahoma. The stand had shelves of african violets which she fed, watered, and turned with care. When Grandma died in 1981, I took a pink violet home with me. Then, when my mom passed away in 1983, I took home one of her purple violets.

I’ve kept these plants going through the years, starting new plants from the old ones. After a move a couple of years ago, the plants got some kind of fungus and I thought I had lost all the plants from Mom’s violet. But recently, a young plant bloomed and I realized that my “Marty” violet was still alive.

These plants are special — so much more than houseplants — they’re a little bit of presence of Ida Mae and Marty … women who helped make me who I am. I’m grateful for their presence, still with me after all these years.

Do you have heirloom plants in your life?

2 thoughts on “Marty’s African Violet”

  1. Hi Beth,
    I certainly do–I have a “prayer plant” from my grandmother’s funeral and a peace lily from my mother in law’s funeral. Both are well established. One of the heartbreaks of my life was when a plant from my grandfather’s funeral was stolen off my porch in Dallas. My grandmother’s plant is just like her, trying to take over the pot, the room, the house and my life! I think of both of the ladies when I water them, feed them and care for them. Glad to know someone else understands!

  2. Hi, Delana,

    I’m so glad you understand as well. I love how you call them “prayer plants.” They are such special presences, aren’t they. When I thought I had lost the purple ones (from Mom), I was so sad. I was so excited when one finally bloomed again. And it looks like I have a second purple one getting ready to bloom.

    I love your description of your grandmother’s plant …. and how you think of those ladies when you care for the plants.

    Thanks so much — and blessings,

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