Prayer for My Dad

Holding hands with dad in June
Today is my dad’s 82nd birthday. He’s on a difficult journey with Alzheimer’s. The person we knew is slipping away, bit by bit. I am many miles away from him, so I offer this prayer, today, for Dad.

God of love,
be with my dad today.
Let there be kindness toward him
and compassion.
Let him feel that he is loved.

But even if he cannot feel …
or remember …
or know,
Loving God,
you are there with him.
You are hold his hand,
wrapping his spirit in your blanket of love.

For the life of my dad
I give you thanks.

4 thoughts on “Prayer for My Dad”

  1. Dear Beth,

    What a loving tribute to your father and to God. You both are in my prayers today. And the lessons you offer – of faith, of gratitude – are timeless and beautiful.

    I would hug you right now if I could,


  2. Hi, Rayna,

    Thank you for your comment and your prayers. (I think something like a hug reached me.)


  3. Love the comments about your dad. I miss my dad and my mom every single day. Wonderful tribute.

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