Once in a Blue Moon

Blue moonOnce in a blue moon
you find some friends
(or they find you)
Who stand with you
through ups and downs
thick and thin

Who laugh at your jokes
dance in your happiness
drink to life and love

Who sit with you in tragedy
hold you when you are afraid
brush away your tears

Who love you
just the way you are
no matter what

Once in a blue moon
you find some friends
(or they find you)

True blue friends

Photo: August’s Blue Moon over Mount Pilchuck, Washington. By Beth A. Richardson.

8 thoughts on “Once in a Blue Moon”

  1. That is an awesome picture Beth…it almost looks like there are two moons, or a shadow moon hanging lower to the left. Your poem is a perfect fit …love it !

  2. Your words are a needed reminder of what it means to be a friend. Thsnk you for the words and thee beautiful photograph.

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