Scottie Haiku for the New Year

jackNewYearsDayMuch love and best wishes for a Happy New Year from Jack to each of you!

I face the new year.
With new squirrels and cats and such.
Please let me catch one.

Last night was quite loud.
I was scared to go outside.
What’s up with fireworks?

It’s foggy today.
Or do I need a haircut?
I can’t really tell.

It is new year’s day.
My breakfast was late again.
I hope work starts soon.

I love all of you.
You are the nicest people.
But you could send treats.

4 thoughts on “Scottie Haiku for the New Year”

  1. We depend on Jack’s musings to guide us in our daily lives as we start this New Year. He is a great and unheralded philosopher. Plus, his low center of gravity means he remains more grounded than us humans. We should all be so lucky.

  2. Marc,

    Jack is so grateful to you for your especially kind words. He prefers being low to the ground. It makes the treats so much easier to find.


  3. Poor TeddyCat and Jack. Such deprived lives. (Ha!)

    Very nice to meet TeddyCat. Jack apologizes for any offense on his first haiku. 🙂


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