Celebrating Dad


I’m still celebrating my saints. Today, Dad would have been 84 years old. I’m grateful for the gifts he gave me:

  • My love of “the family business.”  Dad was a United Methodist pastor and, since I was a little one, I wanted to be a preacher’s wife. In grade school, I finally met a woman pastor realized  that I could be clergy. So today I carry on the family business as an ordained Deacon appointed to The Upper Room and to Edgehill United Methodist Church. (I always enjoyed Dad’s delight when I would tell him my vocation during those last years when he was battling Alzheimer’s.)
  • Photography. I found this photo after he passed away. Dad took it in Mooreland, Oklahoma during my first year of life. It’s the only self-portrait I’ve seen: Dad shooting his picture into a mirror. The reflection in the table is of a picture of Grandpa Richardson.
  • Music. Dad had a beautiful tenor voice. I can remember him singing from the pulpit from time to time. Grandma Richardson was a music teacher who passed along her talent and love of music to Dad. And he passed it on to me. Today when I preach, I like to weave a song into the sermon.
  • Art. Dad began drawing and painting when I was in grade school. I’ve only just begun to test out this part of myself with the cartoons I’m drawing of Jack. I’ve been sketching daily cartoons (a sort of daily journal) for about five years. I remember Dad writing letters to us using cartoons instead of words.
  • A love of nature, watching birds, BBC, public radio, Mexican food … I could go on and on.

Dad’s legacy lives on in me. And I am grateful.

God of sunrises and sunsets, God of feeding birds and charcoal pencils, God of music and prayer, thank you the life of Charles H. Richardson. And thank you for his gifts to the world. May we remember Charles and, in remembering, give thanks to you, the Artist, Musician, and Loving Creator of life. Amen.

17 thoughts on “Celebrating Dad”

  1. hello Beth,
    Well i think i understand what you mean. I have always been searching for who i am and you know i see parts of myself in my dad. He would get up early in the morning just to listen to the silence and look at the beauty of the sunrise on the lake. He loved music and my love of music surely comes from him. I sing and play guitar to accompany myself. I am not an accomplished artist but i have been painting since 1980. He also helped many people in secret jobwise and moneywise. I am not as knowledged as you but that’s okay. Blessings

      1. say hi to Jack, Miss Beth. he is pretty cute even if he is a dog. mama saw you followed her. she is happy to know you are there too.

  2. Wonderful memories, Beth! Thank you for sharing them. Your Dad must have been, and I’m sure still is very proud of you!

  3. The wonderful thing about me knowing Reverend Chales Richardson, “Charlie” is that I have a piece of him in me. You have his smile and his overall kindness that really impacted me at a time in my life when I needed to learn that I did not have to be mean and tough and always get my way. Years ago I was with Ed Light and Charlie. I was griping about something having to do with Ministry. Charlie listened and looked at me and said “Be Nice”. I listened and every morning when my sons left he house for school or when I dropped tghem off at schol I said to them “Be Nice”. Love You Charlie. Happy BIrthday!

    1. Ed, What a wonderful memory. Thank you for sharing it. 🙂 Where were you serving then? And Ed and Dad?

      It is so great to have reconnected with you. And to be able to celebrate Charlie with you.


  4. An all around terrific guy. Charlie, Marty, and you “young’uns” were such an important part of my teen years.

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