Sitting with an Aging Pet


For Spec

You still chase bunnies in your sleep
Tracking, barking, leaping
Master of the back yard

You still jump in the air when it’s time to eat
Letting me know that you know
When supper time is here

But then I see you dodge a shadow
Unable to see clearly with cloudy eyes
And I have to touch you when I enter the room
To let you know I am here

I know that someday
Your windmill-tail will stop spinning
Your courageous, loyal heart will cease to beat

I sit with you in love and sadness and gratitude
I hope that I have blessed you with
Just a fraction of the blessing you have bestowed upon me
And I am grateful for your sweetness, your faithfulness

You still chase bunnies in your sleep

Find more of my prayers in my book Christ Beside Me, Christ Before Me: Celtic Blessings.

10 thoughts on “Sitting with an Aging Pet”

  1. That wee beastie reminds me of my grandmother, stubborn till the end, and she lived to be 98! The other day when I was walking by his side and gently put my foot between him and the mulch that he loves to eat, he got frustrated and barked twice at me and then went fast in the other direction. I loved that!

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