The Hurting Places

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There is a world of hurt around me today
And my heart fills with pain.
Sometimes I hear myself saying,
“All I can do is pray.”

And then I remember that praying
Is not such a small thing.
Sometimes it is the only thing,
The one true thing for this hurting world.

Healing God, send your wholeness.
Loving Christ, your strength,
Holy Spirit, your comforting presence,
To all who hurt,
To all who struggle,
To all who mourn.

Find more of my prayers in my book Christ Beside Me, Christ Before Me: Celtic Blessings.

10 thoughts on “The Hurting Places”

  1. Hi Beth – Every fifth Friday at St. Luke’s in Indianapolis we have a “Prayer for Peace In Our Community” since we have had about 75 young men killed in our community. We are on a pace to be higher than Chicago. The 29th of August will be our next fifth Friday. I like permission to use your prayer as a handout for the participants.
    Thanks for considering this request.

    1. Hi, Barbara,

      Thank you for your request. I would be honored to have it used in this way with the following credit line: By Beth A. Richardson. Copyright (c) 2014. Used with permission.

      Will that be acceptable?

      Blessings on your ministry.


      1. Yes , I had plan on put your name to the prayer, Thank you very much! It goes with the theme for Central Library “Pray4Peace”. We will be displaying pictures from “Kin-Killin-Kin”


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