Holy Ground


Yesterday we celebrated the life and resurrection of John Mogabgab. There was comfort in so many friends of John being together, in beautiful music, in the assuring and familiar words of the liturgy.

And I found comfort in these words from John in one of his editorials from Weavings.

When familiar contours disappear and the earth moves beneath our feet, where can we stand? We can stand in the tragic gap. This is Holy Saturday ground, the ground we occupy between the virtue we see to be possible and its actual flourishing throughout the land. It is holy ground because the unanticipated, painful, incomprehensible loss of cherished landmarks offers an opportunity to see alternate perspectives, different paths, fresh horizons. It is holy ground because we stake our lives on it, holding fast to the truth yet to be revealed. It is holy ground because it holds within its soil the seeds for courage and the possibility of renewal.
– John S. Mogabgab

4 thoughts on “Holy Ground”

  1. thank you for sharing these words… so pertinent to the place many of us find ourselves in personally and to the place where many communities and nations find themselves… may it be a fertile place for all. Blessings!

  2. Sorry for your loss. It is a temporary loss as you will see him again one day If you listen closely you may hear the angels singing their welcome to John.

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