Greeting Familiar Friends

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I come to this place and am happy to see my old friends — the flowers, the mountains, the lake and sky.

I walk around the lake and greet my friends, the birds. Good to see you, geese and swans, ducks and cormorants. And a new friend in one of my favorite trees — a bald eagle.

Thank you, old friends, for welcoming me back to this special place. I am blessed by you.

7 thoughts on “Greeting Familiar Friends”

  1. it’s a blessing to recognize our friends and be greeted by our friends who live outdoors, whether they are winged, four legged, many legged, swimming in the waters or slithering upon the earth … I confess that though I live in the midst of beautiful landscapes, I do not get out in them enough to have such relationships (except in my car)… Though I am certain they are there waiting to make my acquaintance. I have a friend whose monthly letters to family are filled with descriptions of the outdoor world and it’s inhabitants. These she sees most clearly, knows intimately and feels completely safe in. I am working on that but still, I do not… Today I will drive through wonderful redwood forests, river and mountain vistas, through pastures and vineyards… and enjoy what I can of it… I do hike with groups from time to time but it’s not the same. May the time at Soulfest be renewing even as you attend to your work. Blessings!

      1. you would love it, not on smokey days like now, but almost any other day… they are marvelous ancient wise ones and teach me so much. Though others disagree, I believe they are leaving us and will soon not be around to enjoy. I encourage everyone I know to visit them and to introduce their children to them. Hope you can visit them. I favor some of the parks up here rather than those near the Bay area, but it that’s the closest you ever get to them then enjoy them. I know they used to hold Academy’s there, do they still and do you come out for them… I’d be glad to drive down and take you out for a day trip… or if you had several days drive you north…

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