Bless to Me This Bobber

Bless to me this bobber
This red and yellow bobber
That floats in the water attached to my line.

Bless to me this bobber
And the beautiful reflections of the trees
That distract me from watching its movement.

Bless to me this boat and the clear water.
Bless to me the quiet and the bird songs.
Bless to me this time apart, this sabbath, this healing peace.

Bless to me this morning, this day,
This sacred family time.
Bless to me this bobber.

Find more of my prayers in my book Christ Beside Me, Christ Before Me: Celtic Blessings.

8 thoughts on “Bless to Me This Bobber”

  1. I loved fishing as a kid. Mostly pond fishing that would be either returned to the pond or given away. Part of what I loved was it was something I could do with my Dad or that he would do with me. And part of it was that it was quiet. Both my mother and sister were discouraged from their usual constant jabber. Mother never understood my not wanting to talk as anything but a personal rejection of her…
    Perhaps that’s why I loved going to church because it was another place of relative quiet… She insisted on us being still as we sat through worship. Which was no problem for me,

  2. Love the line “sabbath the healing peace.” So true I think I need to schedule some sabbath in my week next week!

  3. I think my comment got lost or maybe it said after approval and I missed it. What I wanted to say I love the words. “Sabbath this healing peace.” Just beautiful and profound – I forget to schedule sabbath time and need to put it on my calendar for next week!

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