You’re Invited to Worship

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Join me in worship this coming Sunday. I’ll be preaching at Los Altos United Methodist Church, 655 Magdalena Avenue, Los Altos, California 94024. LAUMC is using The Uncluttered Heart during the Advent season. This Sunday we’ll be preparing to prepare our hearts for the coming of the Christ child.

If you can’t be present at the church, the services (8:00 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 11:15 a.m., and 5:00 p.m., PST) will be streamed live on the internet. Join me!  Los Altos Live Stream.

The services are also archived if you’d like to view at a later time.

Please pray for me as I travel to California and prepare to lead in worship.

Blessings, Beth

8 thoughts on “You’re Invited to Worship”

  1. Can’t believe I’ll actually get to see you – and see you in action to boot!
    What an unexpected blessing in store on Sunday.
    Phyllis Annett

  2. I’ll have to content myself with watching you and Mariellen on live stream. It’s a 7 hour drive from here, which means a 2 day trip and the expenses of an overnight… But if you ever want to view the real northern CA let me know and I’ll pick you up. Enjoy your trip and bring the word… for sure many of us need to hear more about the possibility of an uncluttered heart.

      1. yes! I knew her, not well, when she was still in KS and was a young person entering into ministry… I have followed from a distance her career in CA. I was doing campus ministry in Santa Cruz when she came to California and had some contact with her then. But then I went back to KS. Was recently at Los Altos UMC for a St. Paul Alumni event. She did not remember knowing me. But there had been many names, faces and years since the last time we were together.

  3. loved the picture of you and Mariellen in ASP, which I seem to remember having seen somewhere else as well. Watched the Service with Dirk D doing the introduction etc… Don’t know if your sermon was the same in all the varied settings… but this line stood out flashing like neon for me… The clutter of commitments beyond our capacity to meet… can’t get it out of my mind, so it must have been meant for me… 🙂 blessings!

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