Happy Birthday, Mom


Margaret Elizabeth Wilson Richardson

Mom, today is the day you were born.
I celebrate you.

Epiphany child, you were
Born in the middle of the depression,
In the middle of nowhere,
In the dusty, barren red dust
Of southwest Oklahoma.

You were loved and beloved
By family, then and now.

Thank you for giving me life,
For the gifts of music, laughter, love,
For creativity, nurture, compassion.

And though you left this earth too early,
Thank you for still walking with me through my days.
You were, are, and always will be my mom.
I love you.

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mom”

  1. I am an Epiphany child too and your sweet poem to you just so cute Momma touched my heart. But then again, Beth, you always manage to say exactly what I need to hear at that moment. Thank you, Pam

  2. Beth, I have been thinking of this poem all day, and I want to be sure that you know that your mother was my touchstone, and that she is always with me. In 1983, I thought that I had lost her, but I was wrong. Many people would consider these words as being just so much fluff, but the outlook she gave me was so strong that I feel just as close to her as I did in 1982. I wish she had known her grandchildren, and I have a photo of my mother that conveys that very thought. Although I am nearly seventy years old, I still strive to emulate her and what she wanted me to be. She set the bar pretty high. I am so blessed to have had her as my big sister, and to have you and Jenni, Charlie and Diana, and Thomas and Karen as primary loves in my life.

    1. I understand what you mean about her still being here. She was a touchstone for so many of us. I am so happy to have learned your stories of how she taught you to cook, etc. I wish she could have seen how we all turned out. But she sure did a good job of getting us launched in the world. And I think she would be (Or is) pleased at who we all have become.

      Night before last, I got to spend some time with my cousin, David Richardson. We had a wonderful time remembering.

      I feel full of love and want you to know you are in my heart. ❤️

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