A Clematis Love Story

For ten years
I had broadcast love
To the purple clematis
Climbing the mailbox
At Ace, the bird dog’s house.

I watched for it to sprout,
To grow, to bloom.
I took pictures of its beauty.

Then I realized
That I could plant my own.

The first plant
Went in the ground
Late in the year
And was overmulched
The next spring.

The second plant
Never got put into the ground
And died in its pot
Over the winter.

And now, finally,
There is a beautiful, purple clematis
In my garden
To which I can broadcast love,
And tend and watch,
Photograph and share.

Clematis mystery,
Clematis beauty,
Clematis love.

8 thoughts on “A Clematis Love Story”

  1. What a wonderful poem Beth! To me, It speaks of longing and dreaming of having what you want, something beautiful like a flower, a relationship, or a home and finally realizing, you too can have this dream and going for it!

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