What Have We Become?


I usually wake up early,
Turn on the news,
And go back to sleep.

This morning I was shocked awake
By the news of further violence.
The targeting of police officers in Dallas.
A suicide attack at a Muslim shrine in Iraq.

God of Love, what have we become?
We need you now.
We are broken, torn apart,
Permeated with a violent malignancy.

Come, quickly.
Come, now, and heal this hurting world.

A prayer for today.

8 thoughts on “What Have We Become?”

  1. Since watching the video of the shooting aftermath in Minneapolis, I’ve been struggling. As so many of us have. And still are. “What Have We Become?” is just the phrase I’m searching for. Why, oh Lord? Why? When will it end? Sadly, I see no end in sight. Wish I had my beloved Stuart beside me to hold.

  2. The news is often heartbreaking. I am glad I don’t have a tv it’s bad enough to hear and read about these awful happenings. I echo your prayer.

      1. I do have a tv but no service I just watch movies on it. I cut the cab!e about 8 years ago during Lent and never looked back.😺

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