If You Knew

All the hatred, divisions, and polarization in our world today has gotten me thinking …

If you knew all of me,
Would you still be my friend?
Would you respect me, think highly of me, love me?
Or would you count me as stranger, as less than, as condemned?

If you learned my immigration status,
My HIV test results,
My choice to terminate a pregnancy.

If you discovered my divorces,
My politics,
My sexual orientation or gender identity.

If you knew the mistakes I have made,
The people I have hurt,
The demons I fight,

Would you still look at me
Through eyes of love?
Or would you turn away,
See through me as you walk
To the other side of the road?

One thought on “If You Knew”

  1. I have a 4 year old boy I am in love with and he got sent to time-out in preschool last week.

    I asked him why and got quite the story about his classmates, Lego’s, Mr. Potato Head, and the toy baskets needing to be put back on the shelf. Never really figured out why he was in time-out though.

    I asked him if he liked his teacher and he said yes. I asked him why he liked his teacher and he said “Because she loves me.”

    I asked him why he liked me and he said “Because you love me ALWAYS!”. I melted. I have told him repeatedly that I love ALL of him and there is nothing he could ever do that would make me love him less.

    If only I could feel that way about myself and everyone else…

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