I Come to the Water

I come to the water,
Full of sadness.

By the shore,
I set my burdens down
And paddle away
Into the still beauty of the sunrise.

This other world welcomes me.
The call of the kingfisher,
The grace of the heron,
The soaring beauty of the eagle, the osprey,
The jump of a fish.

This other world soothes me.
The vastness of sky and bay,
The burning clarity of summer sun,
The gentle breeze upon my face.

My heart sings in morning prayer:
“God said, ‘Let there be light …'”
“New every morning is your love, Great God of light …”
“You are my God, I search for you from early in the morning …”

I return to the shore.
My burdens still there, waiting for me,
But somehow, a bit lighter.

Or perhaps,
I am a bit stronger, more hopeful,
Lifted up by the stillness, the beauty,
The prayers of morning
That sing inside my heart.

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6 thoughts on “I Come to the Water”

  1. I love this! I have been thinking about bucket lists lately. I don’t have anything on my bucket list, but if I could do anything I wanted right now, I would go live on a lake with my cats and dog for a year. I would like for this other world to soothe me. I have been reading poem Weathering, by Fleur Adcock, over and over for just this reason.
    What a lovely thing to read this morning.

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