Present to the Journey

I read
In my morning meditation
That stress is
Wanting things
To be different
From where they are now.

So many things
Are different
From where
I want them to be.

Let me be present
To the journey I am on now.
May I surrender
To your care
My heart, my mind, my life.

Let me trust
That you are present,
Even in the chaos.

12 thoughts on “Present to the Journey”

  1. Thanks, have just flown back to the midwest. Flying for the first time in 10 years is to enter a changed and I suppose changing landscape. Oh has it changed… And on the ground, the once familiar roadways and landmarks have changed and everything seems not just new but alien. And the motel 6 I just nestled myself into to be close to an event I am going to tonight, is up against a major highway and it’s very loud… and the motel 6 has clearly seen better days… but until I found it all I was finding were the 100/night and over motels… THe Super 8 next door which I was headed towards appears to be closed and they are resurfacing the parking lot among other things… so your reflection works well here…

  2. Thank you, Beth. I stay home on weekends to recover from a week of teaching high school students while coping with chronic illness. Yet there is so much I want to accomplish quietly at home. But my coughing asthma has been out of control for 4 weeks, and I’m just too tired and sick to do what I want. So stressful. Finally I recognize that I’m harming myself with the stress. I have to slow down, accept that I cannot change my health this minute. I can live in the present, nurture healthy habits, spend time with God and TRUST. Thank you for your work. It helps.

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