I watch the sky this morning
Wondering what the sunrise will bring.
A hint of pink
And then, gone.
Oh, so you will tease me
This day.

From the kitchen window
I see a splash of color.
Rosy clouds floating beyond the trees.
Your beauty is such a mystery to me.

In the car, on the way to work,
I have nearly forgotten you.
And then I see in my rearview mirror
A glow, a brilliant gold ball
Shining through clouds above the horizon.
Ahead of me, in the west, the pink returns
And then clouds fill with dazzling white light.

Sunrise, you remind me
That each new day is a mystery, a gift.
May I never forget to see you.
May I never forget to watch for you
With wondering, awestruck eyes.

9 thoughts on “Sunrise”

  1. I’m not a sunrise kind of girl. But from time to time I witness one. There is a moment (ususally when I am on my way somewhere and in my car driving when it speaks to me of divine presence and mystery, but never for long. The rising sun for me is the one who brings with it commotion, people, distractions, the need for attention to weed the important from the unimportant. It is the rising of the moon which speaks to me of a descending divine presence. It is the moon that invites me to shed the commotion and the busyness and the varied demands of a pressing humanity to rest in her presence, to listen, heal and restore. Often to work and pray in a quietness that the world of daylight seldom offers. I may need the light of the sun for life, but it is the grace of the moon’s lights that rests my soul. Blessings!

    1. Ann, thank you for this beautiful description of the things that feed your soul. I love how this is different for different people. How perfect that the creator crafted diversity even in how we relate to and express this part of our selves as well.

  2. This is wonderful, Beth! I hunted for the sunrise this morning, and found it with success. I saw hints of it coming near a small pond with fog, and found myself thinking, “that good things come to those who wait.” It was beautiful, and I was as always grateful to God for giving me eyes to witness such an amazing sight.

      1. Good for you to ask. What’s surprising is that I’m actually NOT a “morning person.” However, when I’m called to be up at that time (fishing, hunting, camping . . . driving early to the airport—ha!) the richness of that time of day always manages to find a way into my soul. Morning IS a gift, because it is newness, once again. Thanks for asking, Beth. PEACE! – DDM

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