Slogging through Grief


Yesterday I sent the last issue of Alive Now to the production department. Its publication date is March/April 2017. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been proofreading, getting final sign-offs, sending corrections to the designer. Each task has brought me one step closer to the end of this publication that has been like a dear friend and mentor to me.

I’m grieving, heart-sick. In this one year, I’ve closed two beloved publications: Weavings and Alive Now. These two resources have been a part of my life for over 30 years. It’s like losing best friends. Alive Now was the place of my first published writing. In the Alive Now office under the care of Mary Ruth Coffman, I fell in love with words, with editing, with the spiritual life. Mary Ruth, John Mogabgab (editor of Weavings), and many others mentored and guided me on this path, setting the course of my career as an editor, writer, leader, mystic.

I will be a part of shaping what is next for The Upper Room as we seek to serve these audiences in new ways. But right now, I’m too heart-sick to think about that. I guess it’s like trying to replace a beloved pet with a new puppy or kitten. I’m just not finished with the grieving part.

Many of you are also grieving the closing of these two publications. I’ve been hearing from you. I have a request: If you have been touched by one or both of these publications, please help us as we discern the future.

  1. Fill out a survey for Alive Now and/or Weavings, telling us a bit about yourself and your needs.
  2. Join our email list (at the links above) so that we can keep in touch and we can let you know when we have new resources available.
  3. Tell us your stories about Alive Now and Weavings — how we met and how you have used the publication.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Please help us share the word about our research and continue to pray for us as we develop new resources for those who are hungry for a sacred way of living.

15 thoughts on “Slogging through Grief”

  1. Reblogged this on Like Her Hair's On Fire and commented:
    This publication meant much to me over the years as both a writer and a reader. If ALIVE NOW or WEAVINGS touched your own life or if you have ideas about what a spiritual publication might look like, please take the time to follow Beth’s instructions below.

  2. Thinking of you, Beth as you go through this grief process, which I’m very sorry you’re having to do!
    –Sharon Webb

  3. I used to read Alive Now long ago and loved it. I also have loved Weavings and will miss it as being part of my daily routine. I have gone through a loss and there are so many kinds of losses. I am finding in any loss you just have to work through it. God has a plan and He is in charge.
    You are an amazing woman, Beth Richardson. I have your book on my kitchen table and am moved every time I read anything you write. That is helped me get through my loss. Prayers are with you.
    Angie Duffie

    1. Oh, Angie, Thank you. I appreciate your words — they are reminders that all of life is a process of dying and new life. Thank you for telling me about your journey — and for getting my book. I pray for you as you continue the process of healing after loss. Blessings.

  4. I am late in the scene….just getting my bearings on My Quiet Spaces and connecting. My heart skipped a beat when I read this post. Alive Now carried me through a couple of moves with my husband’s job. In fact, on this last move, when I saw the church I visited had Alive Now on the entry table to take I felt like I had come home! Blessings Beth, I look forward to see where God leads you….the Upper Room…and all of us that await new things!

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