Grief sneaks up on me,
cunningly disguising itself
so I can’t see it coming.

Or maybe I see through its costumes
and just don’t want to accept
that it’s still here,
dragging at the corners of my spirit,
masking the colors around me,
dimming my hope, my joy.

I don’t want to be sad
when the world is so shiny with tinsel
and the music calls for holiday cheer.

And then, finally,
I turn toward grief
and open my heart.

Grief and I embrace,
into the night.

6 thoughts on “Grief”

  1. Amazing how words can come at the perfect time. I enjoyed a day with my sisters at Singing Christmas Tree even though I bought food that my sister can’t eat and they brought presents and I made mingles for them. I came home and cried and cried. When will this grief end? It has been 2 years but my husband died right before Christmas two years ago. I do love what this says. Thanks always. Your words speak to me.

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