The Long View

When I feel despair about
The way things are
Or hopeless about
What is to come.

When I feel lost,
No longer sure of the paths
I am to follow.

When I have worn myself out
In anger or in worry.

I catch a glimpse
Of the blip of time
In which I live.

A fungus on a stump.
A stream of water carving a path through a boulder.
Prophets preaching in the wilderness
Or bearing witness on the street corner.

Let me not give up.
But, instead, hold on to
The long view.

Believing that the arc of history
Moves towards love,
Towards justice,
Towards life.

Show me my part
In this long journey.

15 thoughts on “The Long View”

  1. Beth, thank you for your sensitive thoughts once again. Let us remember all the ‘fear not’ admonitions and comfort messages – while we march and listen and take action. Your encouragement is a great help.

  2. Love this – it seems really perfect for this unsettled time in the U.S., with uncertainty about the future direction we’ll see our country take after the presidential inauguration and with the huge discord about nearly every issue. Thank you — will try to remember to take the long view.

  3. As often happens for me, I find your words speak very eloquently of truths for which my spirit has not yet found the words. The same is true of this gift of word and spirit. I have taken on the daily discipline of writing down one quote, thought, or poem that touches my spirit. Your words from “The Long View” are now gracing the page for January 23, 2021. Thank you.

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