A Season of Blooms

In this season of blooms,
The hard work
Of birthing, growing, transformation,
Forgotten in the moment of metamorphosis.

God’s miracle of creation
Illustrated in color,
In delicate arrangement
Of petal, pistil, stamen,
Proclaiming life.


One who created me,
Who shaped me before I was born,
Be in my heart, my mind,
Be in my voice, my hands,
As I step into this new job.
I am yours.


This week I began a new position at The Upper Room: Director of Prayer and Upper Room Worship Life. I continue to mourn the loss of Weavings and Alive Now, but I remain grateful for the ways these publications shaped me and live on in the person I have become.

13 thoughts on “A Season of Blooms”

  1. So grateful for your life and your ministries. God has shaped you and will continue to do so in what HE needs you to be. Change is hard, but necessary to receive the new.
    Love you friend!

  2. Beth, I don’t know what you new title means but I know you will touch people in a way that only you can. I’m lifting you up for happiness in your new journey while watching a beautiful bluebird right outside my balcony. That bluebird is chirping and happy.

  3. Your gifts will shape this new direction in a way that is unique to you – and that is the calling! God walks beside you, ahead of you, all around you. Peace

  4. I wish you all the very best in you new path. I have no hesitation in saying that you are just where you are supposed to be. You have always seemed to know with your writings just where I was and what I needed and I am looking forward to more inspirations. Blessings

  5. I’ve been enjoying the flowers, too, and love your poem. Congratulations on the new position with The Upper Room. As you walk into this new season, I pray you will be filled with a joy that overshadows the grief you’ve been feeling for your beloved publications. (I miss Alive Now, too.) I expect your days to blossom with God’s love and presence.

  6. Thanks for all of your writings. You have helped me get through some sad times in my life, but you also helped me rejoice in the wonderful times of my life. Keep writing.

  7. I know that change is not always easy but am excited about the position you will hold. You are a perfect fir for this ministry and will continue to bless those whose paths you cross. Hugs,

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