Glendalough Monastic Settlement 

One turned up palm is out the window, stiff as a cross beam, when a blackbird lays in it and settles down to rest.
-Seamus Heaney
A poem about St. Kevin

A lovely day of a pilgrimage through the Glendalough Monastic area. Father Pat from the Tearmann Spirituality Centre led us through the settlement, holding rituals in various places. We ended the day with a service of Eucharist in the ruins of Mary’s Chapel. We are grateful to be in this place. 

What are your stories of Glendalough?

5 thoughts on “Glendalough Monastic Settlement ”

  1. I appreciate your pictures and prayers from each site. I love St. Kevin and have written&used a short meditation on his blackbird story- highlighting hospitality of heart and patience.

    Thanks for sharing the journey with those of us at home!

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