Hate, Emboldened

Hate, emboldened,
Steps out of a closet,
Packs a suitcase,
And drives to Virginia.

Hate, emboldened,
Does not feel the need
To cover up with hoods or robes.

Hate, emboldened,
Marches in the light of day,
And illuminates the night
With torches and spotlights.

Hate, emboldened
By “free speech”
And “take back what is ours.”

Hate, encouraged by anger,
By fear, by prejudice.

Hate, empowered by the silence
Of political leaders,
Of church leaders,
Of ordinary people
Like me.

Rise up, voices of truth,
Voices of light,
Voices of courage.
Embolden Love.

18 thoughts on “Hate, Emboldened”

  1. Thank you so much for this. I have felt devastated and demoralized since hearing of Trump’s press briefing today. I will hang on to this posting, and am grateful for it and you

  2. The words from an old Truth & Reconciliation Commission poster are still relevant………………………………..
    “The Truth hurts….. Silence kills”.

  3. I can hear this as a folk tune in my head . . . it would be wonderful set to music. Thank you for finding an artistic way to express our fear and anger about this evil and the people it harms.

  4. Thank you for putting into words what I was unable to say through a cloud of grief and fear.

    Sharon Gray

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