A Blessing for Those Who Wait

For those who wait
In despair,
In grief,
In sorrow.
You are comfort.
You are strength.

For those who wait
In the paths of storms,
In detention camps,
In hospice rooms.
You are comfort.
You are strength.

For those who wait
In tender hope,
In tear-streaked sadness,
In fearful anticipation.
You are comfort.
You are strength.

Bless, Loving Healer,
All those who wait.
You are comfort.
You are strength.

We drove over to Western North Carolina yesterday for a weekend retreat. Driving east were caravans of utility trucks getting into place to respond to the damage of Hurricane Florence. The retreat center where we are staying is filled with residents, employees, and families of employees from a retirement center in Charleston, South Carolina.

This day, I think of those throughout the world who are waiting — for the arrival of a storm, those watching the “drip, drip, drip” of chemotherapy. I pray for those who wait by the hospice bed of a loved one, for children and families in detention camps on our southern border, for families waiting for results of medical tests, for all who wait in fear and sadness and grief.

7 thoughts on “A Blessing for Those Who Wait”

  1. As always, Beth, your words express my feelings. Thank you for sharing this blessing for those who wait. Mary Ann

    ========================= Mary Ann Tabor matabor318@gmail.com

    I have a new email account. Please update your records.


  2. Dear Beth, Your posts on All the Wonders always seem to speak to my heart and soul, I am so grateful that I explored through all of my UM contacts, I have seen your name in a number of places, it seems that the Spirit kept gently nudging me into exploring, and finding another good source of healing and comfort for all of the pain and hurt in our lives/in our world. Thank you, Barbara

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