Last Night I Dreamed of Jack


Last night I dreamed of Jack.
He was lost, but I knew he had
Crossed the road
And gone into the woods.

I walked into the forest
And climbed to the top of a pine tree.
There was a nest there,
Rocking like a cradle
In the gentle breeze.

The trees showed me the nest
And told me he was safe,
Gently rocked,
Held close.

When I got back to the ground
I could see, far off,
a circle of dancing women.
White flowing dresses,
Radiant warm light bathing them from above,
Their arms swayed in the air
Like a nest rocking
On a gentle breeze
In the top of a pine tree.

I woke up
And felt
At peace.

11 thoughts on “Last Night I Dreamed of Jack”

  1. Oh Beth…my hearts aches for your loss. I have lost a beloved pet that I still mourn her passing. I have a wonderful, funny, expressive dog now that I love dearly, but I still think of Cybill and what she added to our lives. This writing has touched me deeply and I feel refreshed because I think you have passed another mark on the mourning list. But Jack is special and he added to my life as well. I wish you peace, blessings, and joy.

  2. Beth, I had a similar dream about Leslie, and it was her telling me she will miss me so much. No doubt Jack (and Leslie) are well, at peace, and they want us to be, too. Love your dream. Jack misses you.

  3. What a gift your dream is! You must miss him anyway, like part of yourself broken off and gone some place else.

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