Jack’s New Book of Celtic Blessings

Get a copy from Amazon: Jack’s Book of Blessings: Celtic Poems by a Scottie Dog

When I was preparing for the release of Christ Beside Me, Christ Within Me: Celtic Blessings, I started writing a companion book with my Scottie dog, Jack, in which he would offer his own blessings. Now, three years later, Jack’s Book of Blessings is available! It was released on March 16th and, starting on the 17th, has been running #1 in Amazon New Releases in the category of Irish and British poetry. At least for now it is ranked above works by Seamus Heaney, Mary Robinson, Gerard Manley Hopkins, William Blake, and Alfred Lord Tennyson. (I can see Jack’s smile from beyond the rainbow bridge and his questioning gaze, asking, “Can I have a Special Treat?”)

More about Jack’s Book:

Jack the Scottie tells you about his day with poems for every activity from breakfast to going to sleep. Jack’s Celtic-style blessings lead us through each moment of the day: the walk, the leash, the treats, the lap, the dog park (and even the not-so-enjoyable bath). The book features original drawings of Jack, drawn by his companion and co-author of the book, Beth A. Richardson.

Introduction by Roberta Bondi

The introduction of this special book is written Roberta Bondi and Curly, her white-haired Bichon Frisée. Dr. Roberta C. Bondi is professor emerita of church history and spirituality, Candler School of Theology. Roberta writes, “These are such great prayers, which the world always needs, especially in these hard times, but they were also written by a dog. Everybody knows that dogs are especially good at blessing others as well as asking others to bless them. Jack, of course, was always particularly articulate in his own canine way, and as a true lover of God, others, and the everyday world he lived in, he was perfectly suited to write this book.”

Praise from Cats and Dogs:

At last! A book that goes beyond affirming we non-humans bless God, to one that translates those blessings! Jack’s Scottish Celtic heritage proves ideal for framing this universal expression of praise. As a Norwegian Forest cat, my prayers are more reserved than Jack’s, and I certainly do not have his sort of co-dependent relationship with my humans (“Mom,” p. 3, really?!). But the nap, the bed, the treats, the lap, these are universal in relationships with domesticated humans, every one of whom should read this book to strengthen their often inconstant faith.
– Pepper Allen, Norwegian Forest cat

Jack has penned such lovely blessings for the life of us dogs. We treasure all the things that matter–our families, our food, the smells, the walks. Jack rocks!
– Graford and Fiona Earle, border collies

About the Authors

Beth A. Richardson, is a writer, photographer, editor, cartoonist, and lover of dogs. She is the author of a companion book to Jack’s Book of Blessings called Christ Beside Me, Christ Within Me: Celtic Blessings published by The Upper Room, Nashville, TN.

Jack, a Scottish Terrier, was born in Indiana and lived with Beth and her family in Nashville, Tennessee. Jack the Scottie was a “real dog.” (Cartoon Jack, however, was much more cooperative than “real Jack.”) Jack passed away suddenly in October of 2018. He lives on in the hearts of many.

Get a copy from Amazon: Jack’s Book of Blessings: Celtic Poems by a Scottie Dog
Check out Jack’s cartoons at my Redbubble store.
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6 thoughts on “Jack’s New Book of Celtic Blessings”

  1. As a person who is owned by a Scottie, I was delighted to stumble upon “Jack’s Book of Blessings” when I was ordering another book by Beth Richardson. I was even more delighted when Jack’s book was delivered , and I was able to experience Jack’s blessings firsthand, many of which our Scottie agrees on wholeheartedly! I took it with me on a vet visit yesterday, and our vet absolutely loved it and will be receiving a copy of his own from our Pippin. It is a charming book!

      1. Beth, our Pippin was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Feb., and your poem about Jack , “Broken Wide Open” has really touched my heart. Pippin is currently on Piroxicam and CBD oil chewables, but I know that dreaded day is coming. We are going to the vet this afternoon and taking two copies of Jack’s book, one for our vet and one for our favorite vet tech. They have both loved him since he was eight weeks old.
        I noticed you are an ordained deacon in the United Methodist Church, Mountain Sky Conference. My brother, Harvey Martz, is a retired Methodist minister in that conference, having retired from St. Andrew’s UMC in Highlands Ranch. I shared with him and my sister in law two of your wonderful poems regarding the broken hearts after Feb. They were very moved by them.❤️

  2. Hello, Evangeline,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your Pippin. It sounds like he hit the jackpot with choosing you to live with him! Thank you for sharing Jack’s book with your vet and vet tech. The chair at the Vet poem was the first one that Jack wrote. We are still astonished that he is gone. He had just turned 8 when we found the cancer. Such a dear dog … we miss him very much. We do hope to get a new scottie one of these days.

    I’m delighted to hear about our connection through the Mountain Sky Conference. I’ll have to watch for him at Annual Conference.

    Let me know how things are going from time to time.


    1. Beth, if you are seriously considering getting another Scottie, I strongly encourage you to look into White Shadow Ranch near Asheville, NC. Ron and Dot Hickey have bred Scotties for over 50 years, and they breed for health and temperament. Pippi came from there, and he is the most gregarious Scottie we have ever had..loves people and other dogs. I think they do have a waiting list, but it is worth it.
      My brother, Harvey Martz, is now serving as Vice Chair of the United Methodist of Retired Clergy (UMARC). He was very disheartened after the Feb. conference.
      I am gifting another Jack book to a dear friend who had to put down her 17 year old dog last week. I think the blessings are perfect for anyone who has dogs and loves them.

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