All Saints

Remembering my saints this weekend.

On All Saints’ Day, it is not just the saints of the church that we should remember in our prayers, but all the foolish ones and wise ones, the shy ones and overbearing ones, the broken ones and whole ones, the despots and tosspots and crackpots of our lives who, one way or another, have been our particular fathers and mothers and saints, and whom we loved without knowing we loved them and by whom we were helped to whatever little we have, or ever hope to have, of some kind of seedy sainthood of our own.

Frederick Buechner
Sacred Journey: A Memoir of Early Days

4 thoughts on “All Saints”

    1. Hi, Carolyn. Glad to be connected again. Pup is fine (did you know we lost Jack a year ago?) We’re on the waiting list for a new scottie in the next few months. How are you holding up?

      1. Hello Beth, months have passed since we reconnected in this mode. Sisterhood spirituality is possibly not definable. I passed into the 80 mark and November brought such a sense of exhilaration just think the Holy One guided me through malaria into ways of living Saint Bruno life style. Home Health Services then Hospice Services then Home Health Services have propped me up to stay in my little tiny house setting for longer then any place in my adult life in missions. And, 6 years here experiencing living with felons…. Some transitioning well and others remaining in the dark. I have not taken notes intentionally to provide confidentiality in their world as they develop the trust in who I really represent. 72 months. The Holy One has listened and heard and a semi-retired couple purchase the property and gifting us with personal rehabilitation, refurbishing of the property that brings great moral value modeling.
        This decade is dedicated to developing Orphaning Concepts as a program delving into orphans and vulnerable children being used in profiteering internationally through the advanced technology which skipped ahead of the average human.
        Once programs identification are cataloged we also want to identify healing programs of various models to offer perpetrators.
        This will be 10 years focus and implementation in the International community with participation with various professionals and with form of perpetrators and orphans and vulnerable children now grown and in their own professions of leadership.
        What gaps or craziness do you see to call to my attention as I step into 501 c 3 and board of advisors and credentialing and bonding and connectivity?
        Meanwhile, I hope you have your new Scotty and virus impacts and tornado impacts are allowing you to continue your precious ministry.
        In a few hours we enter Palm Sunday and the week leading into Easter. Blessings, abundant!

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