I Remember You, Grandpa Tom

Grandpa Tom and me

I remember you, Grandpa Tom.
Resilience forged in World Wars and dust bowls.
Kindness shaped by love and generosity.
Faith cultivated in times of struggle and uncertainty.

You grew vegetables in the back yard,
Three rotated crops,
Food harvested from March to November.
That was the way your people survived.

The garden — a statement of faith
In the One who created the seeds, the sun, the rain.
The garden you called your “Fitness Center.”

In these days of pandemic, I remember you.
Your resilience, your kindness, your faith.

I think of you, at the end of my day, when I put on my work clothes
And walk out the door to my “Fitness Center.”
Trimming bushes, sowing seed, spreading mulch.
Hoping that I, too, in this time of challenge
Might be a person of resilience, kindness, and faith.

13 thoughts on “I Remember You, Grandpa Tom”

  1. Oh, Beth, I love this! What a wonderful relationship you must have had with your grandfather❣️❤️

  2. How blessed are we that learned these types of lessons from grandparents! Thanks for the beautiful reminder of those special, loving relationships!

      1. Beth, you look like your Grandpa Tom. You both have such beautiful souls. You were blessed with this great relationship.I was blessed with grandparents who were a very important part of my life. When my daddy went to WWII, mother and I lived with them. Those were special days during my formative years. My grandfather was a full blood Irish man, My grandmother was English. They shared their faith and their love.
        Peace and Joy, You know me as Ella Lynch.

  3. Beth, so lovely. I admire your grandfather and the lessons you learned by his side and the memories you have put into reality. I too had a grandfather that meant the world to me. I know God gave him to me just for me. Aren’t you glad we grew up with them and their lessons are always with us?

  4. Lovely remembrance! I’m so glad to see a photo of him…and you, and the garden.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts, esp during this surreal time.

  5. I loved your grandparents. They were so kind to me, especially when I moved to Norman to start my teaching career. They were the only people in town that I knew. Your grandmother called a friend who was a teacher to make sure that I had someone to sit with in the first BIG meeting attended by the ENTIRE Norman Public Schools faculty and staff. So many people and she made sure I had someone to support me. Your grandparents were lovely Christian people!

    1. Mary Lou, I didn’t know that story – they were such special people! I didn’t realize you taught in Norman. Such a great place – the town where I was born. ❤️

  6. I remember Tom too! He was always the first to welcome me on Sunday mornings. Always a big smile, ready to shake hands and speak to each little child following me into the church. A hug for each of us when we returned home after moving away. A symbol of God’s love for each one of us!

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