Jack and the Rainbow Blessing

collage of rainbows

We drove east out of Nashville
On a pilgrimage to pick up JJ.
(“JJ,” “Junior,” “Jack, Jr.”)

As we traveled,
A rainbow hung in the sky above us.
Mile after mile after mile,
We watched it curve through the sky.

What a joyful sign!
From you, dear Jack?

And then, a double rainbow …
And we knew that your spirit was traveling with us.

You …
And all the company of furry, winged saints
Were singing a blessing for the tiny pup
Joining our family.

Bless this new life.
Bless this family.
Bless this home.

Bless the leashes and the bowls.
Bless the beds and bless the toys.
Bless the treats, especially … bless the treats.

Bless this pup,
His eyes and ears and feet and tail.
Bless his friends,
Dog and cat and bird and squirrel.
Bless each step that he will take.
Each car ride, to the park and to the vet.

Bless the love.
Bless the laughter.
Bless the tears.
Bless this pup.
Every day of his life.

Today we pick up JJ, a nine-week-old, black Scottish Terrier. He was born at the White Shadow Ranch near Asheville, NC. Pictures will be coming soon.

31 thoughts on “Jack and the Rainbow Blessing”

  1. Oh, Beth, this is beautiful and made me cry. Yes, rainbow blessings from Jack to his tiny namesake🌈❣️❤️🐾

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your poem and beautiful photos, Beth! What a gift to you on your journey! 🌈 Safe travels home 🚘! We’ll be awaiting photos of your pup!

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  3. Beth, you often make me smile. This morning you made me cry. Blessings on JJ’s arrival. Blessings on your family.

  4. My husband Don met you through the Academy, and brought back your wonderful book of Jack’s delightful poetry from one of his trips. We had been contemplating adding a puppy to our lives as we get closer to retirement, and found a little Scottie to be the perfect fit! We picked up Nessie from a breeder in Idaho when she was 10 weeks old. She was spayed about a week ago …. Can’t imagine life without her now! Thank you for your inspiration!

  5. I am so happy and pleased for you. Jack was always such a profound pup and I miss him. Now we will meet and greet JJ into our lives. Not to replace Jack but to keep his memories alive and his pleasure at you having a new faithful friend. Ayra needs him too. Congratulations

  6. Grateful for your beautiful writings and your love of Scottie’s. Each one is a blessing with its own independent quirks.

  7. God’s Blessings to you and your fur babies. The best is yet to come, enjoy every precious moment.

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