There Is a Season

“For everything there is a season.”
-Ecclesiastes 3:1, NRSV

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be retiring from The Upper Room at the end of 2022. I plan to stay here in Nashville and learn what retirement looks like for me.

I’ll be welcoming the Rev. Dr. Amy E. Steele who will begin work at The Upper Room as Dean of The Upper Room Chapel and Executive Director of Program Ministries. (I will be serving in an emeritus role with the Chapel.) I hope to dedicate this coming year to documenting content from our out-of-print magazines: Alive Now, Pockets, Weavings, and devozine.

I’m looking forward to time for creativity, worship-leading with The Academy for Spiritual Formation, and just hanging out.

I covet your prayers as I discern how to “finish well” and as I cross this threshold into the next part of my journey.

Artwork by Beth A. Richardson: “The Rabbit,” SoulCollage from 6/21/21.

11 thoughts on “There Is a Season”

  1. Congratulations, Beth.  How we will miss your ministry…but new and exciting things await you in 2023. Are your artworks ever available for purchase?Madonna MoessHamilton, Montana

  2. you have been a delight and a blessings to me over all these years. You and Jack consoled me when I lost my best friend, LuLu, and then Jack went on to meet her. When I lost my grandparents who raised me and I was lost, you brought me back into the light. When I am lonely you find just the right words to give me peace. I will miss your insight, your humor, your humbleness, and you wisdom that has been such a help in trouble. I am pleased you will be staying on to keep watch over this wonder you have created. Thank You, Blessings

  3. I was all at sea for a year or more after retiring from 40 years of mission service in 2018. Some of finding my footing involved drawing lines between myself and what I had “thought” I’d be doing. I made a few mistakes, but mostly it was my OWN feelings that got hurt. Copious amounts of Springsteen helped.
    Enjoy your last year, and your transition. Don’t forget the Springsteen.

  4. Having gotten to know you a bit through your writing I am certain you will be a busy retired person. Most creative people are busy even if they aren’t employed. Hope you will still do some blogging! You will be missed if you don’t post at least once in a while.

  5. Blessings to you, Beth, as you move into this transition. I have appreciated so much your contributions to Alive Now over the years and also in the Upper Room Chapel. Peace to you.

  6. Oh how I will miss your words, creativity, and prayers. I’m certain your gifts will continue to be shared…just in another way. Godspeed

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