Help me be patient with myself
During this metamorphosis.

This shedding of what has been:
Working Monday through Friday,
Week after week,
Year after year.
The security of routines
and institutional cycles.

I am disoriented, befuddled,
Unsure of myself
And what the future holds.

Let me surrender to the uncertainty,
To the discombobulating feelings.

I have outgrown the cocoon of the familiar
And hear the calling of something new
Beyond this comforting, shabby enclosure.

I am preparing to emerge
(A rehearsal for my final metamorphosis?),
And ready to fly.

8 thoughts on “Metamorphosis”

  1. Beth, In the September/October 2012 issue of AliveNow, a poem I wrote was published. It is the only piece of my writing that has ever been published. I post it here for your retirement celebration:


    The decision
    Lord you are present helping me discern . . .
    The announcement
    Lord you are present calming my anxiety . . .
    The last days working
    Lord you are present consoling me
    in my fear of loss of relevancy . . .
    The first days not working
    Lord you are present rejoicing with me in my freedom . . .
    The call
    Lord you are present inspiring m
    to feed your lambs with my remaining energy.

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