Creativity and the Divine

Happy World Art Day

This week someone asked me about how I experience the divine. I found myself talking about how I connect with the Holy One through creativity.


My “retirement gig” of creating GIFs has been the biggest surprise to me. I was sick with COVID in February and got curious about how GIFs are made.

I’ve been drawing cartoons for fifteen years or so; the last ten years on the iPad using the “Paper” app. These little drawings have been moving (in my head) since I first created them. I delight in bringing them to life for you.

FYI – I have been approved as an official Creator on and yesterday my account reached a total of 1 Million views. My GIFs are now showing up wherever you can search the GIF database (on your phone, on Facebook, etc. Try searching “Scottie,” “Scottie dogs,” and “Elephants.” Or search for special holidays such as “April Fool,” “Earth Day,” “Cinco de Mayo.”


I began creating SoulCollage® cards as a part of my Spiritual Direction training at Haden Institute. Collage was a new skill for me, so it took me a while to get comfortable with it.

When the pandemic started and my body, brain, and spirit were in crisis, I turned to this activity to help me connect with the Holy One. The activity of cutting and pasting grounded me, allowed my intuitive self to communicate.

Here are a few of my SoulCollage cards.

A question for you: How do you experience the divine?

4 thoughts on “Creativity and the Divine”

  1. your soul collages really speak to me… I especially like the one grief… I’ve been working on a sermon for April 30 using the lectionary texts of psalm 23 and John 10:1-10… and it seems to speak to me of what I am feeling that causes me to write what I am writing… This church doesn’t have any of the projective technology that would let me illustrate my sermon or let me add other audio pieces but if I could the grief one would make the cut…

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