Waking Up to the Bad News

Gun-related violence is leading cause of death for children ages 1-19 in the US. -CDC

Like the frog waking up to her imminent death in a pot of boiling water,
We’ve been acclimated to a new reality.
One shooting at a time.
One headline at a time.
One mass murder at a time.
Kyrie eleison.

Now we’re waking up to the bad news.
Our children, our teachers, our families are dying.
We can no longer keep our precious human resources
safe from this epidemic of violence.
Kyrie eleison.

Let us wake up and take action.
Put our bodies on the sidewalks.
Add our voices to the chants
calling for change.
Kyrie eleison.

Every Town for Gun Safety
Moms Demand Action

7 thoughts on “Waking Up to the Bad News”

  1. My Soul cries and my heartbreak and the anger of the injustice and lack of concern for our paid-for lawmakers make me crazy. What to do, how can we stop it? God knows, and we play and I ask Him, “Why don’t you stop this?” And He replies that I do not know His time or His plans but we know that He knows His children are suffering.

  2. so heartbreaking and I feel so helpless. Our long as our political leaders are beholden to the NRA, out chances to oust the golden gun as America’s idol seem hopeless. 😦

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