Hello friends, here are the resources I mentioned in the workshop with you. Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality. I so enjoyed the weekend with you.

Many blessings,
Beth A. Richardson

1. Uncluttered Heart website.
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2. Lectio Divina Exercises

Audio Lectio
This is where you can get the recording of the guided version of lectio divina: These MP3s can be downloaded to your computer or played from the website or from SoundCloud.

Other Ways to Do Lectio Divina
This format can be used to lead reflection with photographs, with news, with life experiences, with scripture, with other reading. Here are several “how to’s.”

3. Writing “Bless to Me” Prayers

Write a prayer about:

  • Something from every day life for which you are grateful.
  • A way of acknowledging God’s blessing on you through this object or activity.
  • A prayer that grounds you in thankfulness, in the present, in the presence of God.

A link to Jack’s Bless to Me prayer.

4. Advent Photo-a-Day Challenge
Take a photo every day of Advent following the theme for the day. Instructions here.

5. Morning, Noon, and Evening prayer song
This is the song we sang throughout the workshop. Here is a link to the videos.

6. Recommended Apps on Prayer and Meditation

7. Recommended books

8. New prayer app being developed by The Upper Room — Nimbus

Nimbus App webpage. Sign up to receive an email when the app is released.

For anyone who might like to be a beta tester for Nimbus (iPhone users only at this time.) Here’s the link to a sign up form.

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