Purple Elephants


The Purple Elephant Project started with a phone call. I had been supporting a close friend who was going through a difficult time. During the course of one call, we began to imagine how helpful it would be if there were a herd of purple dancing elephants. (No, I can’t explain why!) I pulled out my phone, drew a purple dancing elephant in the Paper Fifty-Three app, and texted it to her.

Over the next year and a half, I created and shared with friends many more purple elephants. Each elephant possessed mystical powers that would give the recipient just the gift that they needed. For instance the Negative Thoughts Elephant vacuums up negative thoughts and then releases purple crystals into the world. The Grounding Elephant is lying flat on the ground in a Superman pose. The elephants (often captioned with the phrase, “This _____ Purple Elephant is for you!”) offered the gifts of healing laughter, whimsy, creativity, and the opportunity to imagine the exact tools needed for a particular time and situation.

It all started with a dancing purple elephant in the middle of an interstate. Shutting down traffic to the airport. Dancing purple elephants in the middle of the interstate are very unusual. But if you can just let go of being late to your destination, they can be very enjoyable.

A Pack of Purple Pachyderms

The Purple Elephant Project had its debut at a Holiday Art Market at Art & Soul Studio. I am in the process of developing a deck of Purple Elephant Cards that will be available for sale. If you are interested in knowing more about the purple elephants project as it lumbers along, please be sure that you have signed up to follow my blog or add your name to my mailing list. Be sure to let me know you are interested in purple elephants.

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