JJ’s Week of “Firsts”

puppy in pink towel
First portrait of JJ, the new Scottie puppy

One week ago today, we picked you up from your birthplace.
We met the humans who brought you into this world.
We met your mom (Shannon), your dad (MacGregor), and your siblings.

Then you took your first ride in the car,
Had had your first portrait made,
Spent your first night away from your family.

It has been a week of firsts …
First going to sleep alone in a crate.
First breakfast.
First thunderstorm.
First trying to pee in the rain.
First visit to The Vet.
First time to meet Arya.

We heard your first bark (at Arya),
Watched your first frenzied play that collapsed into a nap,
Laughed at your first romp with each new toy.

You, with your yips and growls,
Your ferocious energy and warm cuddliness,
Your puppy eyes and ears and feet and nose …
You have frolicked your way solidly into our hearts.
And we are grateful for you.

Bless to me this puppy.
His waking and sleeping,
His eating and playing,
His eyes and ears,
His sharp little teeth.
Bless to me the joy he brings —
Bless to me this puppy.

Bless to Me


Bless to me this new day.
The sounds and sights
And smells and tastes.
The cool breeze on my cheek
And the warm sun on my head.

Bless to me this sabbath time.
Space to rest, to play,
To feel the fullness of this life.

Bless to me this gift of plenty.
Of food and shelter,
Of peace and safety,
Of freedom from worry
And abundance to share.

Bless to me this space
To hold in love all those
Who struggle in life,
Who wait for diagnoses,
Who sit in sorrow,
Who walk and wait and run in fear.

Bless the earth
And all its creatures.
Bless to me this new day.

Find more of my prayers in my book Christ Beside Me, Christ Before Me: Celtic Blessings.