Brigid of Kildare

The Feast Day of Brigid of Kildare is February 1. When we were in Ireland in July, we walked in Brigid’s footsteps in Kildare at her cathedral and at her well. But Brigid was everywhere we went, and it was in the west in County Donegal where we learned to make Brigid’s crosses and heard the story of how the cross of reeds became her symbol.

Brigid was explaining Christianity to her father and took up the reeds from the floor of the cottage and wove them into a cross. On St. Brigid’s day, people still make Brigid’s crosses and remember Brigid.


We spent the day with St. Brigid in Kildare. We rekindled the fire of hope, love, and justice at the place of Brigid’s fire. And we took our woundedness and sorrow to Brigid’s well, where we moved among others who were seeking healing.

I am under the shielding
of good Brigit each day;

I am under the shielding
of good Brigit each night.

I am under the keeping
Of the nurse of Mary,
Each early and late,
Every dark, every light.

Brigit is my comrade-woman,
Brigit is my maker of song,
Brigit is my helping-woman,
My choicest of women
my guide.
-Carmina Gadelica

It was an honor to be in these places with these places of Brigid. It was an honor to be able to lead worship in these holy places.