A Party for Jack’s Book!

My friends at The Upper Room are throwing a party to celebrate Jack’s new book of Blessings.

It’s Wednesday, May 22, 2-3 (CDT) at The Upper Room, 1908 Grand Avenue, Nashville, TN. There will be refreshments for two and four-legged critters.

Come and join the party!!!

P.S. Come in the morning for the Taizé service (10:45 a.m. in the Chapel). We can all get lunch and then go to the party.

Honoring Grandpa

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In my book of blessings I have the honor of sharing part of my maternal father’s story. Tom Wilson and his family (brother Jack, sister Eileen, parents John and Margaret) set out on a journey in 1914. The journey ended in Oklahoma rather than back at their home, South Africa, and so I had the fortune to be born. Grandpa shaped my life in so many ways and today on Father’s day, I remember him in gratitude.

This photo was taken in his backyard in Norman, OK. I was visiting and happened to be able to help with cleaning up some of the onions which were being harvested from the garden. This was after Grandma Hazel had passed away and Grandpa’s sister Eileen had come to live with him.

Thank you, Grandpa, for your unconditional love.

Celtic Blessings E-Course


This spring, I got to spend a day with my Upper Room shooting video for an e-course featuring my book.

Christ Beside Me, Christ Within Me: The E-course is a self-paced online course featuring the content of my book supplemented by videos and audio of my grandpa’s story. The course is self-paced and is for those who want to walk through the book in a deeper way. The content includes reflection questions and suggestions for reflecting on the content in a personal way. You don’t need to purchase a book. All the content from the book is included in the course. I hope you’ll consider joining me there. Learn more.

An audio book will be released later this summer. I’ll keep you updated here! Here’s a picture from the recording session.