Bless the Children

Edgehill United Methodist Church
Edgehill United Methodist Church

This month at church we’re focusing on children. Parents have been meeting to talk about the challenges they face in shaping faith formation. It’s tough, sometimes, to even get to church on Sunday morning, much less make it in time for Sunday school.

I occasionally teach children’s Sunday school. I don’t think I’m very good at it, but so far, no one has died under my care. Recently, I had to keep myself from laughing out loud at the scene in my class. I was reading the scripture story — Moses and the burning bush. One student was repeating all my words at about a 1-second lag while a second child was trying to get my attention to verify that I was reading the right verses. As I read louder, each of them talked louder. I guess I should have switched to the story of the Tower of Babel or Pentecost. Then we could have just acted it out. <grin>

It’s easy to think that we’re not doing much good for these children in our care … But then we see the ones who have grown up and are doing amazing things in the world. One of these young adults is Colleen. She grew up in our Sunday school and youth group and has become an incredible woman. She helps find homes for vulnerable animals and raises money for HIV and AIDS. This month she went to New York to donate one of her kidneys to a little girl who really needed one (see Nadia’s video below). The morning that the surgery was to happen, Nadia was sick with a fever and the surgery was postponed. Yesterday, Nadia received a kidney from 21-year-old who had died in an accident.  Nadia received a kidney — and has a role model named Colleen, who was willing to give selflessly and joyously to give another person life.  I’ve got a role model, too. Any role models you’d like to share about?

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