Forgive Me


I set out with the dogs
On our early morning pilgrimage
To the park and back.
The dark sky is tinged with a faint pink.

As we walk, the sky fills with color,
Lifting my heart with love.

And then, suddenly,
Under the vastness of that beautiful sky,
I am aware of my shortcomings.
Forgive me, I ask.

For my lack of trust, forgive me.
For my bitterness, forgive me.
For my aggression, forgive me.
For my insensitivity, forgive me.

Hear my prayers, Loving God.
Light my way through the day
As you have brought light into this morning.

Fill me with love, with mercy,
With forgiveness for the shortcomings of others.
Let me see myself and your people
With eyes of hope and compassion.

I am yours.

Find more of my prayers in my book Christ Beside Me, Christ Before Me: Celtic Blessings.