Grief sneaks up on me,
cunningly disguising itself
so I can’t see it coming.

Or maybe I see through its costumes
and just don’t want to accept
that it’s still here,
dragging at the corners of my spirit,
masking the colors around me,
dimming my hope, my joy.

I don’t want to be sad
when the world is so shiny with tinsel
and the music calls for holiday cheer.

And then, finally,
I turn toward grief
and open my heart.

Grief and I embrace,
into the night.

Bless These Hearts

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Bless these hearts
So tender and fragile,
So easily broken,
Bruised, torn.

Bless these hearts
That beat in compassion and hurt,
In love and solidarity,
Having known despair or grief themselves.

Bless these hearts
In the midst of brokenness,
Of human errors,
Powerless to quench
The pain of others.

Bless these hearts
That beat in empathy and kindness,
Standing with, standing by,
Joined together
In our common joy,
Our shared sorrow.

Bless these hearts,
So tender and fragile,
So filled with love.
Bless these hearts.

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